The girl’s eyes

7 Nov

After the Spring Festival, moved to a new neighbor.
Not much impression on this family, except, the girl’s eyes so that I remember very deep.
After a period of observation inadvertently, this family has three children, two boys and a girl. The girl is her sister, about the age of eleven-year-old look. Two boys, one about as big as five-year-old, approximately a two-year-old.
Usually, this did not see how the adults, it is probably busy career. But sometimes, adults crying, morning or night I heard the voice of the child, or dictating to an adult dinner time doing the voice of the child doing.
This, much to my number to see the teenage girl’s figure. She seems to have always been busy – from morning to night.
Early in the morning, since this was her first. Her upstairs downstairs on the go. Their wash finished, take care of what the two brothers dress up, after a while, call brothers face, paint the smell, endorsement package, go to school … … these are all to hear. Every morning, I did not see her brothers to help do those things, only to hear her crying non-stop in a hurry.
Wait until the sound of three children disappeared in the way to school, I had been awakened by a neighbor, etc. have to work together.
Weekend, the family is still the girl from the earliest. Have not had time to wash your face, they picked up the broom began to sweep home health, and will exert oneself sweeping staircase. Although, the results of her labor is not the adult in the eyes of cleanliness required, at least, she seems to always adhere to.
In addition to yell two brothers, she was almost quiet. The usual action, she is almost in action with his eyes. For example, she was concerned about other people, not to shout with a voice ask, but with eyes quietly observing, at the same time, she was more likely to be thinking about something, because her eyes can detect, it is a firm and calm. Not squeamish little girl, her age does not match with only a trace of emotion. There are some ignorant, some melancholy; more content, more puzzled.
Sometimes, occasionally touching her eyes almost a daze, I will rapidly retracted, because I do not want her in the retracted before I found the kind of overwhelmed by the way. For her often be mixed with food for thought, sharp, and no shortage of several dull eyes inside, deep in the end what, I do not know. Perhaps only she knows what she’s bright eyes hidden.
See, this is really the mother feel good lucky, there is such a sensible and well-behaved daughter, so capable, they do not have to worry about adults, but also to take care of good living and his younger brother school.
Today, such children may be running out. At least, I and all appear much people around.
Teenager, or adult arms like a baby’s age, she is not the same.
Especially her eyes. Bears this year, she was that age to play rare and reasonable. Sometimes, inevitably, some nosy like worry, of course, this concern did not light out. Perhaps, I suspicious of. This child, this growth environment, may be tempered person’s nirvana.
That look, doomed, was remembered. Even if, at the moment while typing along side memories, and her face and profile, I also not very clear, even, I’ve never seen her smile, and perhaps this is what I worry about where the bar. But her eyes, my impression is too deep, too deep.


Rain girl

28 Sep

Outside, a torrential rain. Original bustling crowd, suddenly dissipated, the city’s streets, was extremely open. Occasionally, through a car, setting off a wide curtain of water, but the melting of the dust of the ground, but lost qualities of transparency, from habits of turbidity. Intensive rain, stone camel pound asphalt surface, spill beautiful Yuhua, had become the meandering flow of water flowing in the formation indiscriminately to the road until the sewer mouth, big success whirlpool.

The summer heat, and instantly eliminate red rinse in heavy rain. Gloomy sky, people feel depressed, or even suffocation. No wind. Not mine. Only the sound of rain provoked intense spat.

Both sides of the street is flourishing shops and stores. After a transparent glass curtain wall, was full of people. Stood there quietly, eyes seem empty, like your breath watching the rain outside the window, but also like an infinite silence of thought.

Suddenly, the rain pouring flashed a lonely shadow. Far, only held an umbrella to see the outline of the former line, slowly moving forward. Perhaps she also carrying a heavy box or will the other heavy. She walked very slowly, leaned.

Any of a shopping mall, she will not refuse to shelter from the rain. Alone weak body, entrusted to bear the heavy, the road in the rain, does what is hidden?

        Nearer. Vague contours gradually become clear.

Umbrella of a girl. Still so inclined posture. White clothes, the rain had wet, completely attached to the thin body, revealing graceful beauty. Hand-held umbrella, not cover the pouring rain, indiscriminately hit the girl’s body. Petals on the red umbrella, become more tender and beautiful. Shocked goddess sculptures, bathed in the rain, the placid calm and open-minded and broad, the United States to honor their own legend.

In the girl’s side, there is a man, ragged, unkempt, sitting on a homemade bicycle, close to the ground Tangshui line slowly. He is probably a beggar.

Girl carrying an umbrella for him, silently forward. He did not care about girls, or even glanced toward the front, with a defective hand push on the ground, relying on the strength of inertia and the line slowly. He has used the city’s cold, cold-accustomed to strangers, long time experience, the heart has become hard and cold, even in the face to help in good faith, but also no longer eager expression. The girl did not sound, but for his umbrella, slowly moving in the rain. She does not need thanks, but no reward.

No one on the streets, in addition to a beautiful girl, and the dirty beggars.

No one knows the place for beggars, beggars of origin no one knows, no one wanted to know. The integration of urban strangers to each other hurry, do not know the name of the people around who even named. Let alone a beggar.

Forgotten in a civilized society, do have a scene like a group of miserable beggars. Like a beautiful woman freckles, appears to be particularly harsh.

It was a long absence, the landscape. The fate of the beggar, who is nasty fall on the city streets of neon sleepers, once desolate mining area labor bonded labor in the production line, even if a little charity Ling Chao, even if they are careful to rescue the police, but has not been the fate of appear around the corner. In the snobbish secular society, they were forgotten in the lonely corner. This girl, weak shoulders alone, to take up the damaging hope.

Or a beggar, in the distant Russia. A writer who walk in the park, coming towards a beggar, dirty hands, shaking the broken steel bowl, eyes full of hope by charity. Authors touch all over my body, but can not find a ruble, which really is quite embarrassing for a writer, did not want to live up to expectations This statement beggars, helpless cash-strapped, no doubt disappointed to let a beggar.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“That’s enough!”

Beggars not want charity, but received an unexpected meeting, and because of this meeting and to restore human dignity.

Rain, the girl, then why not doing the same thing and writers?

Rain, still, there is no stop means. The water flowing in the streets, more and more, the mouth of the whirlpool that sewer, large and ferocious even more, perhaps, it is to devour the city left on the ground all the dirty, leaving only the rain girl, a moving picture .

The Story on Bed

26 Sep

Life have been asked many times what love Hello? I tilted his head, said: sleep! Think about when we trip on a soft bed, close to that pure cotton fabric skin, the body of each piece of bone achieve the kind of relaxed state really comfortable!

I have not liked each bed, each bed can not sleep I have the desire. Has never been accustomed to living on the outside, the outside of the bed it is not his own, so there are even times above a sense of insecurity. Will always give you a fear, worry, when you sleep or be killed, or so occupied the people that own the place very sorry. And that bed is not the kind you like, because you are not used to it, it is not for you. You simply can not find one exactly the same bed, give you the same comfort, same dream bed!

I only like their own bed! I can put it into an I like the kind of softness, and then went into his full, let yourself Yong lazy to climb inside and relax all my heart, to experience the sweet dream! Especially when the sheets just replaced, that exudes the smell of detergent, when, and you will love it do not want to leave. May be because their is a pig it, so it is like to sleep. And when I in Tangzhuo seem very keen mind, a lot of text, problems, and even when the art is in Tangzhao invented. People say that a man by the stomach, woman by sleep, words that do not leave. Sleep really is beauty, if it is a night of good sleep sleep, next morning his face is very shiny, revealing a charming between facial features! Times in their own bed to sleep good!

I only like their own bed! That is most of the time is a double bed to sleep. This width allows me to indulge limbs, they randomly scattered in any one place, regardless of what other people think or dissatisfaction. There is such a feeling of relaxation where body and who would not like what? Fall in love with his own bed is so very natural thing!

Love Confused girl

21 Sep

Listening to the radio to hear such a thing.
The high moment was a girl chasing a boy, the girl at first did not fancy the boys, then absolutely silly boys, cut off his little finger to show the love of the girl, then girl slowly fell in love with a boy, Two people secretly together, but gradually the girl discovered she was pregnant, she did not dare tell their parents, no money, she bought a small medical abortion pills to do, she said that many female students have eaten, all right, the results themselves eating , I feel very painful, bloody flow for a month, even if physical education is also running, but let her down on the boy and he likes another girl, and she asked him the reasoning, the result is severely pushed to the concrete floor, girls Then the boy sad to think thoroughly and broke up, but over time, the boys gave the girls kneel down, the girl a soft heart, but also complex and boys, and so repeatedly three times, the girls also made three drug flow, the university After (the kind of money to college), the fourth girl to do when the flow of people, living just a little hand, to a large hospital for the flow of people, was told has put a variety of gynecological diseases, can no longer pregnant, male child neglect, the girl the next day and completely broke up.
I was surprised by the child’s confused, and distressed her body, every girl is noble in the eyes of parents, Snow White, but because she did not timely care and education, and ultimately led to her so brutally, again and again destroy spoil your body, not on the good sense, no sense of love, deserted their studies, their actions ultimately expensive to buy on a single. The girl had serious problems, there is not even a trace of the girl’s parents aware of, but also feel that their baby daughter is a good girl, very assured her everything.
Reflect on our education, more parents educate their children learn is not allowed to love. Sex education, emotional education is often avoided, that children are very small, that is, children do not understand anything, in fact, most children are precocious, both from the television or the Internet, early to understand everything, but parents , or constantly cover, dry preaching to binding the young throbbing heart? How to effectively help children cognitive emotions, how to improve the child’s emotional intelligence, how to protect and cherish their own, in fact, is the most important, too didactic a mere formality, only parents of children to avoid the eyes, in fact, my heart has long been defeated, farther and farther from the original track.
Friends and the children really, truly understand her needs, to really give her the wisdom of thinking, perhaps in order for our children in precarious road, covered with determination of the wings, do parents really good food for thought, just the material on the rich, only a superficial preaching, it is not enough, the future of society, more open, girl If you can not create a right to love, then it is easy to lose fooled, just as painful on her own, but parents always pain of the heart, like our parents can do this as a warning, a good education, our princess, she was intelligent to walk with a light future

Those Fowers in Our Home

19 Sep

When we see a beautiful garden, always envy, in fact, those flowers, decorations, and even buildings are available in the market to buy, but can not simulate the same beautiful garden, this plant configuration is a problem. Configuration derived from natural plants, flowers and so to understand the growth habits, with a reasonable selection of different types.

The secret sense of space

Drawing near The level of scattered plant height, growth crown is very important because it can enhance the visual sense of space. Should try to avoid telling a tale garden cultivation practices. There are so many plants, why do not we let the garden variety, so choose the level of different flowers, and to match, this will make the garden more substantial.

Rhythm and texture

Create a dynamic
Reasonable linear configuration of plants can lead people’s attention, so that attention can be extended, particularly with regard to garden design ideas on the trail. Along the winding footpath, using a linear configuration can increase planting gardens of rhythm. The linear trail will bring serious neat feeling. If your garden is a rule-based, you can select a line geometric design; if it is the natural style, the idea is to use more winding.

The texture of the plant’s own
Texture of the object material is presented in color, luster, texture, thickness, thickness, transparency and other external features and overall performance. Plant texture can not be ignored, which is a visual and tactile garden areas. Some plant hairy full of warmth, and some plants have a hard straight lines, while others are sparse romantic as feathers, these are plants of special texture. Each plant has its own unique texture.

With the texture of plant
Composed by a variety of different textures plants produce duplicate points and lines on the surface characteristics – form an integrated texture of plant configuration.
Fine texture to create a natural style of planting is in the essential elements, they reconcile with, soften the effect. Such as the poppy slim,oral b toothbrush heads sparse ornamental grass. Coarse texture of plants can strongly highlight the theme, such as the common sisal, huge hydrangea bush-like. But note are: easy to use too fine a sense of loss of plant theme, too coarse texture of the plants are easy to be rough.

Girls love literature

16 Sep

The girl said: “the heart to tell the secret of literature, will want to literature and loss, fate and life will be cast into the literature, the tears and loneliness throw literature. Dangzhao rocking the boat, in the joy of obsession, I do not know to indulge when the road; picked up the crystal tears, the suffering ahead, to eliminate the Iraqi people to languish. every time you indulge all my endless thoughts, every time I haggard is no blame on you to pay. ”

Yes, girls love literature, her love is not a concept, an excuse, but a realm, a realm of vulgarity.

Floating in the wind

Warm fresh air of spring, the girl said it mixed with a breath, then she kissed the spring, feeling creatures that share the detached air, talk with your own voice. Comfortable warm wind of spring, the girl said it was filled with floral, so she soak the flowers, to learn the essence of nature, opened their hearts.

Autumn wind fresh, the girl said, carrying the plume of fruit it is a natural gift of human wealth. So she listened to the autumn Feng Zhisheng, mature slowly, rendering his own thinking.

Winter cold biting wind can be the girl that it implies a will, a struggle with the snow, and cold resistance of the will. So, she knew how rough the road of literature, but also to comprehend the ‘do not experience wind and rain, how rainbow “of content.

Girls love the wind, her skirt to be holding the wind, and wind dance, spin their own literary path.

Stuffed in the rain

Rain has a magic that can diffuse into a mood of infiltration into an atmosphere, engraved into a memory, it is like literature.

Girls love the rain, love to dance Seduction rain, rain hear orchestral playing.

Rain is an angel, woke up with ten million silver brush mountains, green willow, red Taoyuan, the girl began to sprout the tree of literature.

Eliminate rough generous burst of heavy rain come and gone, leaving a beautiful rainbow, the girl’s literature full of colorful flowers in the tree.

Autumn lingering passionate, Hsi gradually Lili, the total can not bear to leave, I look back, the girl found that the tree has forged a literary numerous small pieces of fruit.

Winter rain crystal clear, it is always hidden in the snow in a fall in the hands, it disappeared without a trace, the girl knew the vulnerability of literature, it would like to use the coming year, the gentle spring rain, summer rain generous autumn of passionate, Gone to the pursuit of winter rain that trace.

Most girls do not Like the ten Kinds of Boys

15 Sep

1 smoking boys. Girls may feel the boys are not ruthless decent smoke, only the kind of street punks everywhere was smoking a cigarette puff, and there are pumping more tone, long time, teeth are yellow, black lung is the. Hey, walking is boring.

2 boys spoken too much. Boys spoken too much, it is more offensive. A talk on the greetings to the mother, or is more indecent words. He thought he was a male, just ruthless cattle, and did not think about how hard his mother was pregnant with him, how hard he was born, respect for others is to respect yourself.

3 overweight boys. Some people may feel fat boys feel hard honest. But I thought, had to double every dinner, eaten before the chair is also sitting comfortably, get out after eating.

4 too, lighter boys. You may like to lean a little boy, very thin even if it is the kind of wind can blow the boys into the evening if the date of this issue hit the robbery, he did not start and so do the girls scream. Hey, what a Shenqingruyan it!

5 voice too rough. Coarse voice, sounds great. Sometimes a good thing. Fire, then? Have such a call he. People can hear the whole building. However, if you marry such boys. He got up every morning, shouting in your ear: “Wife Qichuang La!” As if the dream of a girl that Qiong Yao’s play in the roaring Ma Jingtao. Crash!

6 voice too gentle. Soft-spoken. This is the legendary words of the sissy boys. Tilted orchid fingers. Relentless relentless gentle gently, “Oh, you hate Oh good!” Generally according to the Northeast of the human personality * we will beat him back to the prototype.

7 height too tall big boy now boys are ruthless popular Kazakh, but also to match their height, and Ha, or else find a 2 meters, the first not talk to the other, bed and is also currently scheduled do him a leg up enough we make a dress. Waste!

8. Too short stature boys. They say the boys have not seen one meter 7 is equivalent to three disability. Do not know who said these words, really hurt! Can also be called cute petite girls, petite boys, insecure feeling pinched.

9, especially the boys drink. North boys, many can drink, a drink together Yunshanwuzhao, better if more drinking on the bed, which should run into a Shuajiu Feng, and drunk driving in the coming months, a quick hanging do not know.

10 In particular, smart boys. If boys are not feeling too clever ruthless – Yin – Sen does, do the same as predict the future, someday be sold also helped count the money yet. Sad!